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A Journey Begins...
Welcome and Happy New Year!

If you're one of those people who makes a purposeful, well-intended and thought-out resolution every New Year, is 100% motivated to see it through until tax season rears its ugly head, then forgets all about it just to repeat the same process a year later....then no matter what your siblings told you growing up, you're normal. :)

With that said, normal is overrated! This coming from a woman who has definitely never cared much to follow a crowd. With this blog I hope to keep you informed, educated, updated and inspired with ways to stay motivated throughout the days, months and years ahead. While we all know physical fitness is crucial to living a long, fulfilling life - there are many excuses out there that keep us from actually giving ourselves the life we deserve. While I cannot promise that this blog will make you drop 12 pounds in 2 weeks, make you look 10 years younger or give you Hercules-esque muscles, I can promise to do my best to give you tools and tips on how to feel like a happier, healthier and more energetic you.

I'll post workouts, healthy recipes, fun fitness and food finds, questions from clients and blog-readers, and what's going on with Poise Health & Fitness. So stay tuned! I'll help you make this year be the year you make it happen...whatever it may be!


2008-01-18 15:43:03 GMT
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Good Luck with everything...so excited for you!
--Jen Harris
2008-01-22 19:55:18 GMT