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Entry for February 7, 2008
Go Mental...and Chew on This!

The above subject header is not meant to sound like me telling you off. But since we're on the subject of negative talk (how did you like that smooth intro?), I do have something to say about some of the seriously awful ways you're talking to yourself! And if you know me at all, if I have something to say I'm going to say it! So here it is: I've been thinking recently about the ways we talk to ourselves - yes you, me, the pompous guy sitting next to you at work, EVERYone - and I'm thinking it's not doing anything for us. Think about the way you talk to yourself and then compare it to how you'd talk to your best friend. Better yet: Think first about why your best friend is your best friend to begin with. They probably support you, understand you, encourage you and think the world of you no matter how many calories you overeat, projects you don't excel on, money you are or aren't making, awkward social moments or bad decisions you might have or make throughout the years. They are your friend because they see something inherently WONDERFUL and SUCCESSFUL about you, every second of the day.

Now think about what you'd say to them if they were experiencing a hard time or stressing out because they're afraid of failure. You'd point out all the positive ways they could look at the situation or all the things they're doing right instead of wrong, because you think they're a fool for second-guessing theirself for even a second. Good for you and congratulations, you're a good friend. But that's not the point of my long story here. The point is: be that good friend to yourself, and although this blog centers around your physical health, know that your negative self-talk is completely influencing the way you feel every day. Ultimately, we're just making another excuse for ourselves to fail when we internalize negative thoughts. Stop thinking about it and just do it, failure or no failure. Stop telling yourself that you should be doing that better or you shouldn't look or feel a certain way. I can't think of a tactful way to say this...stop should'ing all over yourself! No matter how fit or thin you are, the mental game will always be a losing one unless we use more positive thoughts to shape the reality around us. In health, work and relationships, think of what you want and then attract it!

While we're speaking of battles, I thought I'd slip in a note or two about stress and eating since I recently learned a very helpful tip. Yes, I'm a stress eater...and I'm pretty sure I'm not alone! So here it is...what to eat when you're having a stress-soaked moment!

1 cup of low fat yogurt or 2 Tbsp of mixed nuts

The yogurt contains the stress-busting amino acid lysine; nuts pack lots of arginine, an equally wonderful stress-relieving amino acid.

Red bell peppers

Why red? They're packed with Vitamin C. In fact, no other single food can give you more of good 'ol 'C' than these babies, so load 'em up on your salad or sandwich.

Peppermint tea

I can attest to this one! The scent of peppermint helps you focus and boosts mental performance. It can also help relieve anxiety. It worked so well for me that went further as to rub peppermint lotion on my temples...I'm hooked!

Handful of sesame seeds

Since stress depletes the magnesium in your body, you're less able to cope when hit with it and your risk for high blood pressure increases. Sesame seeds are loaded with magnesium, so add them along with the red bell peppers and you've got yourself a stress-fighting monster of a salad!


...That can of soda you habitually consume every day around 3 pm. You'll be 3 times more likely to be depressed and anxious. Step away from the soda machine!

That's all folks! Thanks as always for stopping by!

2008-02-07 23:51:36 GMT
Comments (2 total)
This is great information and made me realize things about myself. Thank you for helping me make myself better.
2008-02-14 19:24:32 GMT
Damm, I must used to be really negative. That was helpful information, keep up the good work!
2008-02-14 21:00:27 GMT