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Entry for June 27, 2008
Poise Fitness Bootcamp - Taking Fitness to the Park!!

I don't know about you but the gym is about the last place I want to be when the temps strike the 80's and upward! So I'm gathering up a bunch of people and hitting Boise's very own Veteran's Memorial Park for an intense, challenging, and FUN bootcamp!

Notice...I said fun. :)

The upcoming bootcamp starts July 14th and goes for 4 weeks, ending on Friday, August 8th. We'll meet 3 days a week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 6:30 am - 7:30 am, and sweat it out while meeting new people, shedding pounds and enjoying the outdoors! All you need to bring is a pair of good workout shoes, water, a towel and a positive attitude (if you are not a morning person, please have your coffee first!). What you will lose in body fat, you'll gain in body confidence! Plus you'll have a "drill sergeant" for encouragement and motivation. She will also drink her coffee first. :)

Bring a friend and get a 20% discount on registration...who wouldn't want that?!

For more information and to register please contact me or visit the website at www.poisefitness.net/fitness_and_health_tips     Space is limited (no more than 10-12 participants) and is filling up fast so reserve your spot TODAY!

After I receive your registration, I will then contact you to schedule about 15-20 minutes to meet with you before-hand to answer any questions you might have, as well as do a quick pre-evaluation where I will take a few speedy measurements to get an idea of your fitness level. I honestly don't care what the numbers are, they are just for post-camp comparison. I'll also record your weight and measure your body fat percentage. Again, the numbers don't matter except for when it comes to your improvement! How can we celebrate at the end if we don't know what we're celebrating?!

I know what you're saying to yourself right now - that you're not in good enough shape to do something like this. If that's the case then this bootcamp is actually perfect for you! ALL fitness levels are encouraged to participate. Your safety is paramount, so while you'll be pushed to do what you didn't think was possible, you will never be asked to perform something you are physically incapable of doing. Each class will build upon the last one so your body will be given time to increase the workload.

What I like to accomplish is to have fun while getting fit and still pushing everyone to their potential. My goal is to help people want to make fitness a part of their lifestyle rather than just for 1 to 2 months. So if at the end of camp you feel like you've learned new things and feel better about yourself and want to keep that feeling a part of your life, that's all either one of us can ask for!

Enough reading - hurry and sign up today because spots are limited!

Be Healthy!
2008-06-27 14:37:05 GMT