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Entry for October 21, 2008
Delicious Snack Promo! And Eating Healthy on a Budget!

For those of you who didn't get last week's newsletter (simply email me and tell me you want on the distribution list if you want the goods), you missed out BIG TIME on a yummy shopping promo for delicious soy treats from Crum Creek! That's right, Crumcreek.com and Poise have partnered up to bring you delicious, all-natural snacks at a discounted price! I realize I sound insanely over the top with excitement, but it's a GOOD deal, people!

Just visit www.crumcreek.com and shop for pasta, soy nut trail mix, soy bites, biscuities (aka: biscotti), and more! Type in the word Crystal where it asks for the promo code at check out and save 10% on your entire order. Fan-freakin'-tastic! This offer is only good for friends and family of Poise, so take advantage of it ASAP! Poise favorites are the yummy Almond Biscuties and the Everything Soy Bites.

For those of you who have tried soy and hate the taste, these snacks will change your mind, I promise! They don't have that typical soy flavor (like ground-up chalk, perhaps?) and are actually filling without any guilt. Who needs guilt? Unless you can't stop yourself from eating one serving...then you may need to reel it in a bit! Check 'em out NOW!

Eating Healthy on a Budget - Who Knew?

Okay listen up, because this is a very important subject during this trying, economically wacky time we're having. It's so crucial to eat healthy and I know that when money's tight our health is often sacrificed. Yes, it can be expensive to eat healthy - but honestly it doesn't have to be! So here are some tips and ideas for how to eat healthy without breaking the bank or expanding your waistline!

Ditch the protein bars and powder - eat EGGS and drink MILK!

Eggs are the highest grade of protein you can eat, and they're cheap! You can get 2 eggs for about $.40, which is about $1.60 for a family of four. Milk is also an excellent protein source, just skip the whole-milk and go for 2%, 1%, or skim. A glass of milk is about $.25. As Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy point out in their podcast (where much of this material originated from...I am the excited messenger), you can't even get a soda for $.25! Just another great reason to stop drinking that sugary, toxic stuff!

Buy Produce in Bulk

Think $7 is a lot of money for that box of apples, nectarines, or what-have-you? It's a whole BOX OF FRUIT! You figure that out to what it's costing you per piece of fruit and it's always cheaper than buying just three or four at a time. Better yet, and my preferred method: support your local economy and save a lot of money by purchasing produce from your local farmer's market. It's CHEAP and SOOOO yummy! The Treasure Valley area has 'em all over the place. Reggie's up on Milkwaukee and Ustick is terrific for local Boiseans, or there's Williamson Orchard over by Marsing (SO worth the drive...plus they sell great wine, another great reason to visit!).

Eat Beans for Fiber and Protein

I could eat garbanzo beans all day, they're delicous and extremely affordable! Take any kind of bean you want - pinto, black beans, etc., and add them to salads, couscous (also fairly inexpensive), rice, soup, or just be creative and you have yourself a very healthy option for both fiber and protein. Just think of it as going back to basics, these are things our parents and our parents' parents ate because they tasted good and they weren't difficult to afford.

Carrots For President!

As Dr. Fitness points out in the podcast, carrots are possibly the most economic vegetable there is. Juice 'em, put them in salads, make carrot burgers (seriously, there is such a thing). Just eat them!

Green Tea Rocks

Ah, my favorite beverage of all - of course it's on this list! Not only because it's hot, comforting, great for you, and delicious with a spoonful of honey, but because it's pretty dang cheap too! Again, ditch the soda (you know it's not good for you anyway) and make tea instead for a load of antioxidants and a little caffeine boost. Don't like hot tea? Make it into the iced kind!

To listen to this short, terrific podcast that covers what we just learned, click here.

Be Well and Stay Healthy - At All Costs!


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