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Keeping focus and (are you sitting down?) the WORST foods in America!

I think the word 'diet' should be banned from the English language. Seriously, what a drag of a word! It's no coincidence the first 3 letters spell 'die.' That said, I've heard many people talk about how they struggle to focus on exercising and staying on their diet at the same time. And they're right - that's the whole issue with going on any diet. Once you let your focus wander, you get off-track and before you know it you fall back into your old eating habits. And while there are some good, healthy cleanses out there (I'm in no way licensed to tell you which ones), people often get frustrated when they come off a cleanse and find that as soon as they re-introduce solid foods into their system they gain all that weight back.

So in order to focus on exercising and nutrition, try not to look at the way you eat as a 'diet.' Instead, focus on making healthy food choices that you can reasonably stick with for a lifetime, not just until you fit into that pair of jeans you've had since freshman year in college. Focus on adopting a healthier lifestyle overall, such as eating breakfast every day, eating more fruits and vegetables, drinking more water and opting for whole grain over white flour breads. Then focus on making daily exercise a habit too. After a while, eating healthier and exercise will become as habitual for you as brushing your teeth. Remember: you deserve to be healthy!!

On that note - I recently purchased the book "Eat This, Not That" written by David Zinczenko and it's got some serious food stats in it! I suggest picking up a copy if you find yourself eating out a lot and choosing your meal based on what you think is healthy because the restaurant doesn't provide nutritional info. Or pick it up if you're like me and want confirmation on why you stopped eating that stuff in the first place! Here are just a few tidbits of shocking info from the section "The 20 Worst Foods in America."

#1 Worst Food in America, hands down: Outback Steakhouse Aussie Cheese Fries w/ Ranch Dressing

2,900 calories, 182 g fat, 240 g carbs (HOLY!!!)

#2 Worst Food in America: Chilli's Awesome Blossom

2,710 calories, 203 g fat, 194 g carbs, 6,360 mg sodium (how many people eat a whole one of these to themselves?)

#3 Worst Food in America: On the Border Stacked Border Nachos

2,740 calories, 166 g fat, 1910 g carbs, 5,280 mg sodium

The Worst Coffee: Starbucks Venti Strawberries and Creme Frappucino Blended Creme (with a name this long it has to be unhealthy)

750 calories, 120 g sugars

This has more sugar than three cans of soda. Ack! The author offers up a great tip for your daily coffee order: Order any blended drink "light" to cut the sugar in half.

I think that's enough shock for one day. See you next time!

2008-01-23 20:41:38 GMT