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Entry for January 29, 2008
"Bad" Foods You Should be Eating and What to Eat for a Good Night's Sleep (Hint: It doesn't start with Haagen and end with Das!)

After posting the last entry and the horrendous nutritional stats on the Chili's Awesome Blossom, I got to thinking that you're probably tired of hearing what you shouldn't eat and how just thinking about eating it is probably going to kill you. Even I can get insanely frustrated when my thoughts are consumed with eating a pound of Cherry JuJu Hearts even though I know I'll go into a sugar coma 30 seconds after I finish the bag. So today I've got good news! Some of those "bad" foods you've been told to stay away from are actually weight-loss promoters incognito! Eating things like red meat, ice cream, eggs, pizza, and even canadian bacon can be good for you if you do it right. CNN's got the full article and I highly recommend giving it a quick read so you can stop depriving yourself of once-loved guilty pleasures. Doing so could actually increase your likelihood of insufficient fiber, dairy, and protein. Don't feel like cooking tonight? Go ahead and order that pizza you're craving...just make it thin crust!

In other news...Have I mentioned that I love my Sirius Satellite? Particularly the Lime channel? It's got a bunch of great talk shows on it such as Outdoor Fitness, The Fitness Guru, and Before You Bite. The truly great part though is you can listen to the podcasts from these shows online at lime.com without being a Sirius subscriber. Okay so I realize I'm possibly the only one who is truly excited about this, but when you listen to the below segment you'll know why!

The Fitness Guru featured a small (10-minute) segment on Healing Foods, which discusses how to eat properly for whatever ails you, such as arthritis and poor sleeping habits. As someone who partakes in a glass of wine (or two, or two and one other small one) sometimes before hitting the hay, this podcast helped me realize that what I thought was helping me to relax can actually contribute to a poor night's sleep. It also touches on what to eat for inflammation/arthritis which I found interesting as well. Check it out here and let me know what you think!

Happy Eating! :)

2008-01-30 00:02:17 GMT
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You are inspiring. Reading your tips and putting them to practice is helping me reach my goal! Thank you!!!
2008-02-05 19:35:12 GMT